Contact lenses, contact lens care

This contains important information and recommendations how to use this product properly. Please read it carefully. It is also relevant to follow the oculist‘s instructions.


eLens contact lenses are used for daily wear. It is advised to take out the lenses every night before going to sleep.

Inserting lenses

Always wash and dry your hands before taking contact lenses.
Take the lenses from the pack carefully. It is recommended to take the right lens first – this would help not to confuse them.
Place the lens on the tip of the index finger of your dominant hand. Ensure the lens is clean and in the right side out.
Pull the lower eyelid down with the index finger of the other hand and look upward.
While looking straight into your eyes in the mirror, place the lens into the eye slowly and gently. Afterwards, touch your eyelid softly and wink.
Massage the lids very lightly to get rid of possible air bubbles beneath the lens. Open the eye and check if the lens is placed right in the center of the cornea looking to the mirror.
The lens usually should centre automatically when you blink several times. It is also possible to center the lens by smoothly massaging the eyelid.
Repeat it with the other eye.

Removing lenses

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
Keep your head up and look straight in front of you. Pull the lower eyelid down with your finger.
Carefully push the lens downward and hold it between your index finger and thumb, then remove it. Try not to use your nails.
Repeat the procedure for the second eye.


After removing the lenses, they must be placed in a special contact lens case filled with fresh contact lens liquid and kept there.
It is necessary to clean contact lenses every day.
Fill the lens storage case with fresh disinfection solution, place your contact lenses there and close tightly. Leave the lenses overnight. In the morning, you will need no additional cleaning performed.
In case your do not wear lenses every day, change the contact lens liquid in lens case at least once a week.

Contraindications and warnings

  • Do not use lenses when one of the following features is observed: infection, inflammation, allergy or any other disorder related to the cornea, conjunctive or eyelid, eye dryness, any other irritation, discomfort or eye ache.
  • Do not use lenses when they are damaged, unclean or their self life has expired.
  • Do not wear already used lenses and do not allow anyone else to use your own lenses.
  • In case you will any discomfort or irritation while placing or wearing lenses, remove them immediately, clean and check if they are placed reversely or damaged.
  • Follow the lens changing schedule recommended by your oculist.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before taking lenses.
  • Remove the lenses before going to sleep.
  • Do not use any eye drops while wearing contact lenses before getting some advice from a specialist.
  • Place lenses before your make-up.
  • Use cosmetics, soap, cream and hair spray with caution since they can irritate if used improperly.


Store at 5–25 ºC.

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