Contact lenses, contact lens care
Multi-Purpose Solution  


No rub
Only 2 steps, rinse and soak, provide you clean lens again.

Strong sterilization
Approved by SFDA, eLens Multi-Purpose Solution can effectively eliminate ≥99.9% germs and microorganism.

Protein remover
Effectively remove protein deposit on lens surface, make lens as clear as first time use.

Perfect comfort
Special formulation ensures lens whole day moisturizing and lubrication.

Perfect refreshing
Ingredients from natural mint offer refreshing feeling to your eyes.

No stimulation
PH 7.4 as human tears won’t make any stimulation to fragile eyes.


Material: Polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001% (PHMB)
Edentate disodium 0,05% (EDTA)
Boric acid
Sodium chloride

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